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Mental Training Services for Peak Performance

"Welcome to MTI. My staff and I have been providing mental training services for athletes and business people to improve their performance since 1997. We now have Mental Trainers® in 5 U.S. cities.

This is a picture of our Dallas staff. What we've found is that most people spend the bulk of their time improving physical skills and almost completely ignore their mental skills. Our in-person and online services are customized to your needs and accessible wherever you are. We know our assessment and training processes are extremely effective because we measure them.

Over the last 6 months, our clients improved their performance over 55% after following their custom Mental Training Program for 1 month, and over 110% after 3 months. Select the appropriate link below to learn more about our unique sport and business services, including specific pricing. We look forward to the possibility of working with you."

- Dr. Robert Neff, MTI Founder and Certified Mental Trainer®

Physical ability and technical skill are not enough. Champion results require optimal thinking, and this kind of thinking isn't generated by accident.

People from around the world contact us for assistance, citing common blocks like:

"I'm experiencing a plateau, and I need a breakthrough."

"The pressure to perform is hurting my results and my health."

"I want to ensure that all my hard work and preparation pays off."

"There are so many others I'm competing with - I need an edge."

"I choked last time, and this time needs to be different."

"I'm tired of not performing up to my ability when it matters the most."

If you can relate to any of these issues, and you're interested in becoming a peak performer, MTI can help.

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